Jomo W. Mutegi


Jomo W. Mutegi has been teaching and conducting research in science education for over fourteen years. His research addresses the underrepresentation of African Americans in science and science-related careers. In his work, Dr. Mutegi explores students' worldview and student-teacher interactions as factors influencing career attainment. As Executive Director of Sankoré Institute, Dr. Mutegi is working to use science education as a tool for improving the African American community. Dr. Mutegi has written over 25
manuscripts published in refereed journals, popular venues and presented at national and international conferences. He has also received several invitations to present his research and ideas on education. Dr. Mutegi is a 2003 recipient of the Outstanding Junior Scholar Award (presented by the Brothers of the Academy Institute); and a 2003 recipient of the US Early Career Researcher Award (an honor supported by funds from the National Science Foundation and South Africa's National Research Foundation). He is an active member in five professional associations including the American Educational Research Association (AERA) and the National Association of Research in Science Teaching (NARST). He has also served as a professor of Science Education at the University of Pittsburgh and Morgan State University.

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